East High PTSA

On February 1st, we will be launching our two week campaign to solicit donations for
East High PTSA.

If you wish to donate anonymously please use the link below

Donations to the East High PTSA are tax deductible and help to support programs benefiting all at East High School.

Why East High PTSA needs your help

This year, PTSA at East High is doing some amazing things. We launched the new food pantry, The Leopard Stash and also opened the Leopard Clothing Boutique.  Both of these services are open to any East High student that has a food or clothing need. Our students have been so grateful to be able to pop in and grab a quick snack before they head off to practice or home for the day, and many students are warm this winter due to all the wonderful winter coats collected for the Leopard Boutique. 

This year, PTSA would also love to help fund the following programs:

• ACT prep classes
• Math and reading tutors
• School wide service projects
• Community events like the Homecoming Carnival
• Community service events like the movie, “Screenagers”
• Teacher supply grants
• School club grants
• New student washroom supplies

As you know, all of these programs cost money.  We rely on the generous donations from parents, grandparents and businesses to fund these programs.

East High PTSA